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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Features

What is tent fumigation for?

Tent fumigation is specifically conducted for the eradication of termites and/or powder post beetles which are wood destroying insects.

What is used in whole building tent fumigation?

Vikane® Gas Fumigant

One and Done! When properly applied,  Vikane® penetrates the entire infested area to eliminate target pests without damaging property or leaving residue when the process is completed, the home will be ventilated to certify that no fumigant remains. Sensitive testing equipment is used to ensure that the air inside the home has returned to normal

Will the gas affect my tank water and belongings?

Vikane® is nonstaining, noncorrosive, and nonflammable. It has been used to protect sensitive materials and furnishings from pest damage. It also does not affect the water in your home's water tank.

Do I need to wash all the dishes in my cabinets after treatment?

When there are roaches present in the cabinets. They have already been on the dishes and should be washed before use.

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